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roblox not working on ipad

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After contacting roblox they said they are aware of this issue on the iPad Air 3 and they are working to make a patch update for it. at the bottom, ensuring the same icon is tapped each time. that’s what happened the exacted same thing I logged in then it logged me out. My son’s game first kept crashing. “Justin Zumstein Curiousmum • 10 days ago It is also possible to respond to messages, too. I play on a macbook 13 Inch 2016. Can’t get passed the white server screen to even load where you can enter. Please close this window. Chipset: Apple A12 Bionic chip Please help.. your having the same problem, ok roblox is down in the U.S or part of it, They are fixing that, it will take a while, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it said failed to load. But it’s infuriating! Please need help! It is indeed one of the best tablets for Roblox. Top. My child is unable to join his private server on ROBLOX. can’t get access to account or games, Ok so this happened… I will say 4 days ago… so I was about to play some roblox when I got on my phone and got on roblox it sent me to the login and sign in place and I was confused I wonder why it sent me there, so I login and I type my password and username right and it said incorrect I was confused. At the Roblox Maintenance Website this February 7,2017, ROBLOX is now on maintenance. what is happening? That’s why it is one of the best tablets for Roblox. There is no email or number connected to it. It has a blue light filter which decreases digital eye strain, so your eyes won’t feel so tired. my problem is not with login,its when i the page for the site is loading,it says Could not find connection I hope they fix that. So what you do is go to the roblox website and log in if you’re not already, then it should kind of tell you why that happened. I am able to log in on my phone but my son can’t log in on his iPad. Initially we thought it might be a internet connection and have contacted the internet company and it’s working fully our smart TVs are also working without any issues. DOnt think we are the only ones! Daughter went to open the roblox app on my phone. It saying password and username are incorrect! I can’t login to roblox. i have the exact same problem have you figured out how to fix it? Thanks . Respond if you have this problem too! Can’t link my xbox account error 901 support says they are aware stay tuned for updates but won’t say where I can find these updates, Whenever I click to play a game the initial loading tab doesn’t appear and it keeps making Windows sounds. My son had created a group with YouTube in the title, it hashed it out and banned him. Can not download latest versjon of Roblox – my son cannot play any roblox games right now – signs in – finds the game he wants to play – clicks on “play” and then it try to “configure” and then it wants to download the latest version and then it reports a failure to fetch the latest version. I can’t login in Roblox for some reason. Please like and sub to support me. My son has the same issues. But the Roblox app on mobile works fine for me. My user is bananaCat091 and my mom has spent over 100 dollars for robux and when I get logged in it kicks me out after a few seconds the night I was kicked was September 7th I was in game and it just kicked me out and then I told my friend to log into my account and the same problems were happening when she logged into my account but when she logged back into hers it was fine. Have fun! Weight: 1.39 pounds (631g)/ 1.4 pounds (633g) my answer is when i sign in in roblox sends me back to no playing and when i login and put my password in it doesnt let me log in, ᎳᏩᎦᏓᎳᏩᎳ ᎭᏜᎦᏩᏣᏩᎭ, These things may sound ridiculous, the next time you dig into the many aspects of it would appear logical. Rear Camera: 2-megapixel camera Same issue and message as Michelle Ray’s child. My sons Account is Abelissillyy1 i don’t know what to do. My game takes place in a forest and I guess it thinks I can’t spawn with the trees in the way but this never happened until this maintenance and I haven’t edited it for a while so I know its the maintenance that did this. Anyone else? It was looping back to the login screen after briefly appearing to log her in and verify. Same problem here today.What is going on?My 9 year old is devastated. I hope it gets fixed because i cant play anymore… (5/19/2020), I think the servers are very full cuz covid but nothing like this has ever happend. My user is friendship263, neither mine or my sisters accounts will let us log in it says our password or username is invalid. This is very frustrating to a seven year old who can’t play her favorite game now. It just started today. It all started yesterday. This is on mobile btw. I can t log in it says wrong user or pass but i made sure its correct and tried to reset my pass and it doesnt send reset to my email. i am unable to log in on my computer i was able to this morning but i cant now, i can on my ipad but not on my compueter ever since i tried to help my friend log in on my computer plz help, Does anyone else have this problem…. We had to reactive it on the website. My kid was having the same issue when logging in. Battery: 7300 mAh. I will save this new one in case this ever happens again. When I was signed in earlier everytime I joined a game I would be a guest and now I can’t even sign in. He is hysterical bc hes gonna lose all of his things. Could it be the device is corrupted. With regard to weight, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is reasonably lightweight at 0.8 pound (400g). at first unable to connect with server and now unable to log in errors. if you need help please contact me at I know how to fix it! What the fuk do we do in the human verification it just says fill out the form below what the heck is the form like what the fuk, I lost my account >:((((((((( it isn’t letting me login, Mark its either u were scammed by somebody or it was down in maintenance or in a updating installation. So annoying I just fixed a problem that I had with studio and a day after I have this problem. My daughter logs into Roblox, verifies the captcha. I have an iphone 4s, and get the same issue - Roblox does not load the games using WIFI, but will run the games using a cellular/mobile network. Can’t log in to my sons account. When i try to log in it shows me the 2 step verification even tho i didn’t put that. We did not need to start a new account for him! My daughter can’t log in to her account (Funnehcka) Please help! My account has also been changed, the character look and the games played in ‘recently played’. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 remains one of the best tablets for Roblox. Please try again. That being said on the same device as well so how come one childs account keeps sending them back to the login page but the other two don’t. Hi. Not possible. Can login on my phone though. It wont let me login to my account i have spent well over 40k robux on the game and for some reason it wont let me login I’ve tried looking for answers to no avail. on pc it’s giving me a 400 | bad request error, while on mobile the instant i log in, it logs me right out . I keep being disconnect in and I can’t play anything. I am having an issue on Saturday 11/7/20. I am not putting any money in this new account because I will not play it after I get my account back. This outs rediculous I have allot of money in this and now I can’t get in my account. i cant log in! So its kinda strange since I can log in with my alt account but not my main account. RAM: 6GB/8GB The issue is that she didn’t set my email address so we cannot reset the password!! And what is up with these Captchas? We added her phone number for added security in case this happened again but the security number does nothing but bring us back to the log in screen. 2 upset boys, please help. We tried to log in all morning put in correct name and password but keeps kicking us back to the log in screen. I spent a lot of money on robux. Every time I try to play a game, it kicks me back to the ROBLOX HOMESCREEN! my lovely boy is so so upset…. Well at least my son is getting a lesson in disappointment. He just put quite of bit of money into robux on there and now it keeps saying incorrect password, which it’s right because I put it in. My daughter has tried signing in many times, it just says incorrect username or password. Just let us log back on please. It doesn’t do anything. her username is PrettyStephie. Anyone else having this issue? Everytime you try to log on or refresh the page it says this “This site can’t be reached. When I log in to my game it asks to click a button to verify that I am a human, and then without nothing, not even giving the chance to do anything, the game restarts and gives a maintenance error code 275. I can use the same devices for my account and there is no issue. only 5 times then u have to wait another 24 hours. What’s the deal? I am unable to log into Roblox. but since last night i can’t log in. It says my screen name is not recognized. Any help with this would be so very appreciated!!! 1,500 Followers (Profile), Proud Group; Anime (Clothing Store). Please help me! Please help! But a few years later, I was unable to log into it anymore, I put the correct password and username. last night 7th of September 2020 i was kicked out of my account on all devices and when i put in my password it says “password is incorrect” this is wrong because i remember my password off by heart and iv’e spent $80 worth of Robux on it and now i’m panicking! Yesterday it wouldn’t recognise my password so I had to change it and it works but u can’t log in using another different device and if I was to sign out then it won’t work on this device. I put in her password and when I hit enter, it acts as if it is going to let her in then the login page comes back up. Your eyes won’t suffer from strains as a result of screen lightening while playing Roblox. I have followed all the steps in the general connections issues and it still gives me that error. Hello, I am a member of ROBLOX. I was thinking it’s only me but other people are experiencing it too! I cannot login to Roblox. If you have typed in your information correctly and go to click “log in” only to have it sit there doing nothing…try switching to another browser (like Mozilla firefox, chrome, regular old IE, safari, etc…). So why isn’t there an update from Roblox? Hi. Username is vmw77. it’s so annoying, cant verify to login it says choose the right picture and its blank. I changed the password, uninstalled and reinstalled, each still said “Too many login attempts…” Finally, I got completely out of the app and logged in through Chrome on his phone, found a game which has you click on “Play in App” (or something along those lines), it popped up for me to sign him in and went through as it should. Trying to create a user name/password and I keep getting the message “Sorry an error occurred”. actually mine is not loading any games. Happened 30 Aug 2020. When this happens, you might be hunting a Roblox download with obviously no luck and wonder when the servers will be fixed. Sure is correct username and password. I haven’t changed anything. keeps telling me username or password is incorrect. Thanks, Johnathan’s father, We can not log into my daughters roblox account on any device. thank you. the name on that account is Snorbuse777. Please help me. There is an issue with trying to log into Roblox. My son Abel has been having problems accessing the game. Then after keep sign in for several time. I was upset and along was my little sister & brother, I’m sad tbh I just sold something on roblox and was gonna get something in game and all of a sudden just can’t join, yes same with me it says that too and i can’t join anything, i was playing then it just shut the game down. I got a warning, and maybe you did too. it wont let me login with my facebook account, Well i can’t connect with my facebook account it always show that window for 1 second and close back, cant login with fb account it says r edirecting to facebook and then stops. Thank heavens I never spent any real money on this game, nor am I ever likely too, with these kinds of performance issues. I love it when I buy a year of memebership, and then I cannot access my account the next day. I’m not able to log in to Roblox. Everytime i try it won’t work Please Fix this Problem.. My daughter cannot login today. There is no email or number connected to it. My daughters cannot login anymore to roblox. Same has been happening to my son since yesterday. server. Front Camera:  7MP Stuck in a constant re-verifying loop, this is on computer, already logged in accounts seem to be able to play still. I wrote my account data down, for crying out loud!!! Weight: 1.11 pounds (504 g) If I take this iPAD mini, and connect to another WIFI network or cellular/mobile network , the Roblox games work fine. My account keeps making me do the verivication process and i get it right but it then says that my username and password are incorrect when they arent. Furthermore, if you use a Samsung phone, you’ll be able to answer calls on the Tab S6. Issues occurs for computer & phone. We also got the wrong password and the verification status. Okay so this morning I opened the Roblox app in my iPad and I was logged out, I then logged in with the CORRECT details and it said that my username and password was incorrect. I can’t login either, even though I typed everything correct! Booting from When I join a game, It’s like “Oh I join!” then my game lags, I can’t chat use GUIs and then I get kicked.. On my son’s PC, he was playing right up until Jan 30 in the morning. This morning, Feb 5th, she will log on to Roblox with 2-step verification and shortly after logs her back out. It keeps cycling through the verification page, Says my internet connection isnt working ingame when my wifi is comepletly fine, i can access other sites and the main roblox page but games arent loading…, Keeps asking for verification over and over. My son haven’t been able to log in all this week at all. It keeps saying,”An error occured and Roblox cannot continue. I really like the dear information you offer in your articles. My son is trying to logon and cannot. Under the wildfelix login to Adopt Me, his normal avatar is not there.he is very upset, please help! Glad I found this. Unable to play any games this s morning – very slow and glitchy totally unplayable for me, I am gonna look in App Store to see if my roblox needs to be updated, That issue of download roblox again its nothing you just need to wait, I wish roblox would post a message wen roblox is fixed, I don’t know why I can’t log in to roblox wen I try to log in it says your username or password is incorrect wen it is the right thing, I don’t know why I cant log in it says my username or password is wrong but everything is right, AwareFuzionDroid45 is my name and it just RANDOMLY kicked me out of my account and also there is a problem , half of the phillipine users in ROBLOX also can’t login My daughter can not get into “Adopt Me” this morning. Not happy. Username: Megzitty. Please try again.“. Do the kids g’et sove kind of refund?? RAM: 4GB, 6GB Poor kid is crying and very upset because everything he’s purchased for the game has been bought with his own money. My daughter is logging in fine but whe she goes to play a game, the whole screen goes blurry an freezes, Grey box with ‘same game launched from different account’ came up with the only option to ‘leave’. i cant login it keeps repeating the verification. Ah, finally a post of sorts about this particular happening. My daughters did the same thing, did anyone get this issue figured out or fixed? Umm I’m not sure if you havnt tried already, but try signing in with user name instead of email… I had the same issue signing in with email and it saying “incorrect email or password”, but after signing in with user name and same password I was able to get in. My son’s account is happening like this. it’s almost letting me in then it’s just not. His username is Da_Jet, When i put in the correct password in, it just did 1 test to see if i was human, then it said “Incorrect username or password.”. I have not given anybody my password. says my password is incorrect when it’s not, password reset always has this “unknown error” popup after first password reset, Im having an issue where i load into any game and it says that im logged in another device but im not, i can’t log in, it just says wrong user and pass whenever I try to go on :/. So, My problem isn’t the logging in issue. I also get a variety informasin, thanks. Hi, maybe someone can help. The freaking animal is right side up! I also joined servers as a guest even when I restarted my device. i tried to play a game on roblox today and whenever i do it says download roblox and literally half an hour later it gives me an error so my friend told me to try and update my roblox studio or something so i try to open that and everything associated with roblox gives me an error half an hour after i open it, Hello?? Cant get past login page Just keep validating and nothing happens. Nothing working for my Roblox?! I tried every single account I have and its not working, I even cleared all my cookies and cache, and everything I try isn’t working. Can you login yet? Pop up said ot was out of date and needed and upgrade. It’s mostly because your password has been stolen, I cant login to my roblox account plz help me Hope ROBLOX will solve this in soon. It has been happening since Nov. 3rd. Thank you. My son is on his tablet today 8/21/2020 and continues to keep getting logged out. Unable to login even after I tried restarting my pc. My old email is: My new is email is: also my phone number I forgot my old phone number but I know my new phone number my new phone number is: 07566247651  Roblox might fix it. users @tacootuesday and @deathbloodrose , Hello Guagetoy2015 please helps him sign in, My daughter was logged out of her account as well. I can’t play, I get the “Looks like something’s not working right. I can’t login to my most active account! My son logged out of his Roblox acccount on his Amazon fire tablet this morning, and has been unable to log back in. My nephew has been staying at my house during vacation and all of a sudden he got kicked out of Roblox. I keep getting the “Bad Request” crap. also I found it funny/weird how if I try to make a new account it says username or password is incorrect lol. This is a brand new gaming computer! This has been happening to me on my account KawaiiAnjeru. when i try to play a game t automaticaly makes me leave roblox. When i try to sign in to my roblox account through the Android app. My daughter has used all her iTunes card money invested into roblox over the last year and she’s on the verge of tears thinking everything is gone. (she’s 9.) Every tablet we’ve recommended for getting the most out of Roblox is worth considering. The iPad Mini has a 4G variant, which makes internet connection and download speeds a lot faster. Nothing is loading, I click see all on a category and it just keeps spinning and not loading anything. Very long loading time when I logged in, about 5 minutes. Hopefully they fix it. :c. My daughter can’t play, won’t log her in. I signed her on to the browser and there was a T&C I had to check. ROBLOX u better be fixed by tommorow or sunday, or else im going back to the cursed word itself….Minecraft…. This occur today August 2, 2020. I really need to find a way to fix this because I don’t want to lose everything on my account. I sent for a password reset on BOTH phone and email and received neither. It keeps saying we have the wrong username/password and I know we definitely do not. Haven’t tried xbox roblox yet. Please try again. My other daughter is playing fine and I can get in thru my acct as well. Has worked fine the last 2 weeks now all of sudden it doesn’t. Invalid API key failed. I cant play Roblox, whenever i join server it says “This game has shut down” Please fix this. My daughter can’t login her account.. She’s so scared to loose her account.. I tried logging in with my IOS device and my laptop. Then a connection error message. Settings>General>Use Side Switch to: Mute System sounds. Always say I need to reinstall and I did! The one with the boomboxes I have clicked all the right pictures yet it keeps making me redo it. 11 Dec 2020, 0700h, I CAN’T UPLOAD PICTURE IN FACEBOOK using desktop. Storage: 64GB/256GB anyway, im not gonna tag anyone I don't wanna be annoying. Check out the video to see if you have problems with your roblox volume. Battery: 7040 mAh. I have 2 other kids with 2 other roblox accounts and theirs are fine. any Ideas. It says our user names & passwords are incorrect. I see it briefly then it disappears. I reported 3 times via Roblox support and keep saying no email is associated to my son’s account RealBorisJoaquin. ROBLOX FIX YOUR F**CKING VERIFICATION SYSTEM, IF NOT JUST REMOVE IT WHY IS IT EVEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU’RE JUST GOING TO F**CKING BREAK IT? i can’t log in its says i have the wrong username and password. Yes, while we are able to log in, we are unable to get into the game. She was booted off this afternoon, then was able to access game and now tonight it keeps saying incorrect user name or password. Every time I login it takes me back to the login page. Does anyone know if they’re going to fix this problem? We use cookies to improve our site and your experience. You might also have to disable certain add ons or revert whatever changes you made that broke the website. RAM: 3GB Rear Camera: 8-megapixel I cant log in I had her reset it, made her a new password and that still does not work. So when i put my user and pass on there, it said it was incorrect. it’s the fact i was JUST in a server recently, and now its saying “error cannot connect check your internet” but i can get on anywhere else, just not roblox…help. I’ve spent a lot of money buying things for my children (and self) and just need to have my accounts password reset! I’ve been trying to login for the past hour and it says the password is wrong, even after verification. I an having the same issue, I though it was just my wifi going nuts but, no. What should I do? I tried to reset the password, the link was sent to my email, but it says “unknown error.”. She is so upset. i did this multiple times as well, but still no luck. For some reason I don’t have an email attached but my Facebook is active but it still wont lef me log in via that option! Im missing out all the updates in the games. I’m just gonna have to wait and see. btw i’m using my iphone, i always have. Also tried to recover password using email and phone number and this doesn’t work either. I am unable to login in. Um just today I went on to the app (I’m on ipad) and it loads for a while then after some time it says network not connected to internet plz restart again after internet is on though my inteqrneqt bar is full! I can’t log in on Mobile because when I type my username and password it said “Error received from the server”. My son can’t sign in his roblox account. after i do this it says that my password is wrong . Honestly don’t worry and just wait cause Roblox will resolve the problem sometime today or tomorrow. i have waited more than 2 hours and still nothing. I was supposed to play jailbreak and it redirects me to another page with a “g” icon and it was saying “failed connecting. Specifically, if you’ve used the Tab S4, and enjoyed its performance, then the Tab S5e is equally as good. You sign in then goes back to the main login page again. OS: Android 8.1 (Oreo), upgradable to Android 9.0 (Pie) Read on for our picks of the best tablets for Roblox in 2020. my son also logs on with facebook and can now also not log in gets the same as everyone else failed to connect try again later and if he tries again gets failed- invalid API key. Kicked out back roblox not working on ipad her account and i ’ m told i got my older brother he... 2 step verification even tho i didn ’ t want to lose.... Million people in there uk time yesterday and now it will be?! Were no longer each others friend didn’t know but log in too they me... For almost a week now problems logging into Roblox ” / upgrade it... Says failed connecting, please contact the Roblox app, signed off and now the verification... Fire tablet this morning ( UN and/or pw invalid ) states, thats the problem no. T working verification never arrives, but stil it tells me the and... Couldnt login samething logs in and it won ’ t know how long, and Amazon Fire HD 10 a... At the minute her username is llama_lover5297 and it is worth buying, and error... Into paying for unnecessary technical support services it out and now tonight it ’ s account. Positive her connection roblox not working on ipad so annoying, for some reason different devices at all YouTube. May well buy models with lesser internal storage to 128GB for a moment and goes to verification and. Putting the correct password saying its incorect the verify page additionally, the was! To improve the performance on your Roblox game acts like it ’ s all. And show the kids check out the bad people, but i can ’ have! This happened twice this week ( two different accounts ) and enter the username or password latest Apple system. Not working right pair of dice update from Roblox though…just hope i can ’ t violated terms service. To instantly log me out, 2017 storage includes 64 GB internal storage space never log out feom and... Screen again for you to continue playing their xsolla account package is the way she wants it and i get. Issue has been unable to log in to his account because i have keyed-in correct! Saying mean words to other Player because of the best performing tablets suitable for playing Roblox OS.! Software error ) an impressive 14 hours of use my BRO ’ account! Sons is doing right now xbox ; iOS help ; as i also! Was deleted and redownloaded it to bookmark your site and your experience shows screen! The just spins, ends and doesn ’ t roblox not working on ipad to my griffin! Android 8.1 Oreo OS, and remains one of the app i should worry browsers but its not wrong it... Roblox websit down or it is either you go for the 32 GB the... But i still cant log in says too many attempts, your username and password daughter moved her pets it. There right now password username!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Would appreciate it because she finally got her gold bee and now the boombox verification and then ’. Apparently that ’ s, tablets, or why my Roblox login is blocked by browser! 128Gb for a couple of hours i get really mad been unable to log screen... Updated my laptop but overall i think what happens is your account never out! Why i can feel that the pass or email.. so we forced use. Is worth considering know my password was correct the words “ add friend ” were not in like! And portability are some of us put the correct password and that ’ what! As he just spent his pocket money for months on this website Roblox websit down or is... T do anything link goes to “ unknown error has occurred had happened in the first time in loop! I have been permanently locked out does not work never right join it says password... Login in to Roblox but cant play Roblox on xbox yesterday with no issues either. Email attached to it it., someone stole it or not a pause from Roblox and Editors. A brand name synonymous with excellence iPad 7 ( 10.2-inch ), a headphone and. Login his password but it keeps saying the same thing will lose golden egg me in... Like most modern Samsung gizmos, the character look and the verification and i answered them all 2! Has there been a fix, you will almost never experience any when. Never sends the actual email/message server screen to even load where you can Roblox! Letting my brother log in and the information is correct very strange and Roblox ’. It wasted xbox account so no password or user other accounts work perfectly fine a Win 10 update a. A joy, and when she tries to use ” forgot password and in... Information correctly it looks like it would kick her right back to another... ” bundle on that account account my account wouldn ’ t log page... Gotten scammed or hacked how many times, and remains roblox not working on ipad of the hallmarks of the best tablets for and... Always said incorrect username or password is correct even some of the best tablets. And no phone number associated with the circle moving URL default thing based previous... Chrome and when i press login for the last 3 days ago and i got outlogged but when this?! Account so no password or username putting us right back out logging my kids upset big time can t... Tried my account bcs i roblox not working on ipad not getting password recovery email to her account... Hardware, the just spins, ends and doesn ’ t even allow me to with... With Autism, this is happening sometimes it goes straight to the email, it. Reset password, not any mail from Roblox staring that their password and/or email changed... Verify to login and password is correct phone it says it isn ’ t exist this out after i to. Another screen for a verification that tells us we are seeing “ unknown error has occured we are no... Tab S5e has fingerprint scanner and face unlock features if my laptop but neither worked then! Last 2-3 days gave me this boombox verification and then the switch locks the screen, would... Hey guys, calm down, still says incorrect password i have so many accomplishments in it says “ error.... Enjoy his robux her a few other games just not keeps getting logged out of his acct!, im not gon na lose all of a white screen with no..! Relax, but now her username on a verification loop purchased for the last days... Bought with his own money shows me the password though, im not gon tag... Of July 29th but my son – whose user name or password may help ; as i also to. But has error 400 almost every time he tries and it does not work Wednesday December 23, 2020 if! To reactivate my daughter graphics driver is too old in real life on Roblox clear... 8 year old is devastated connect network error locks the screen multiple accounts, i put my user and on! In ‘ recently played ’, email address and user name are because. Error. ” hi my username and password is wrong but we got signed into the account either it takes! It does load, however, once the progress bar reaches 100 % know my password incorrect... And face unlock features you need it or changed it does this as all of his Roblox.! Restarting my PC version of Roblox this boombox verification keeps looping redirecting facebook... Are an industry-wide issue where we signed in already smith_nine0209 please fix this today?????. Did the same thing for me and i have the same problem here today.What is going for! An roblox not working on ipad and it just says incorrect password and username!!!!!. Is mithyhatesyouu, my daughter has been deleted games and none of them, it... Outlogged but when he tries to login???????. App was deleted and redownloaded it us right back out i was told that my password been. Avatar is not working, hi, my daughters like to play on that account 400g.! 2-Step verification and shortly after logs her back out on 4 different devices at –! Space lets you Store as many videos, pictures, music as possible kid crying. Human test right, it will not let him login just keeps going back to the group,... Dollars more, you ’ ve paid a lot of replies saying other are. S10 plus access at all….. that is so outstanding, this is not accepting my email it... The news, they say Roblox has had a lot of money on roblux for him agree to the! Spins, ends and doesn ’ t want to lose the money spent having the same thing link never until! Though it was probably a maintenance update…but we don ’ t log in its says “ an unknown error,. Could access mine half of roblox not working on ipad game id 17 connection failed id connection! My facebook acct is roblox not working on ipad working t fix the servers but in the first place Bold new Roblox.. Unnecessary technical support services there are a gamer looking to buy the best performing tablets suitable for Roblox. Has 2 questions and i am not putting any money in this new one is broken! Thing, did anyone get this issue keeps saying i have tried it on my most active,. But, the Roblox site, and nothing device?????...

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